One of the most ancient, and yet overlooked, sources of harnessed universal power is that of seed sound.

And yet, despite the casual faddishness with which many people associate the reciting of mantras, there is a deep and innate power in their proper use which is staggering – and points us toward the roots of early Western understanding of the laws of attraction. Mantras are one of the oldest and purest practices of transformative metaphysics: a life-changing understanding of the underpinnings of the Universe itself. This is deep stuff, folks.


If you didn’t already know this, a Mantra is a series of words or sounds which is repeated in a meditative or contemplative way, usually by being chanted in a rising and falling cadence, or to music.

For aeons, and even from beyond the dawn of recorded history, mantras have formed a central part of humankind’s ability to influence and shape our environment, both in the physical and metaphysical realm.

But, particularly in the last thousand years or so, we’ve made life difficult for ourselves by losing sight of some pivotal truths, as we’ve grown more “sophisticated” in the physical realm. You see, with the rise of technology and the suppression of metaphysical practice over several centuries in recent history, a fundamental and harmful shift has occurred in popular thinking. Many people tend to think of metaphysical (or spiritual) things as being separate from the “real” world. They’ve been taught to see personal metaphysical power, particularly, as being completely unattainable, a theory, something that has no immediate relevance or reality in their lives. The result has been a terrible loss of connection to others, as well as the unseen universe around us.

And the result of that is that we’re now living in a time where people often model their lives and beliefs on the sterile bluntness of technology and commerce – and a sense of innocence, limitless possibility and wonder has largely been supplanted by cynicism, sarcasm and greed.


This sense of disconnection (particularly if we don’t understand what causes it) leads to an indefinable feeling of dissatisfaction and restlessness in our lives. And, very often, our sense of purpose – our sense of being – becomes confused, and we suffer inwardly from a kind of creeping aimlessness and powerlessness. Oh, we hold it together outwardly. But deep inside, the nagging feeling of discontent persists.

And then what do we do? We look to fill the perceived void with distractions – and become even more disconnected as a result! And it can be a very ugly spiral, one that brings out the worst aspects of human nature.

Thankfully, though, we are at the cusp of a new age where people are experiencing a deep reawakening. There is a generation – right now! – that is questioning and rejecting the dishonesty of manipulative religions, governments, and institutions, and realizing the profound power and truth that lies in the understanding of natural rhythms and natural magic.

If you’re swimming in the ocean, the easiest and most powerful way to progress is to understand which way the current is flowing, and to swim with it rather than across it or against it. Right? Pretty obvious, you might think. In the same way, your lives on Earth can be a constant struggle, or you can learn to sense and harness the currents of the universe – the awesome ocean on which you float – and align yourself to accomplish much more, with much less pointless effort.

And in the same way, you also have the ability to attract or repel different “currents” once you’re are aware of this – because whether you acknowledge it or not, your thoughts resonate intimately and magnetically with the universe around you.

Meditation 2Mantra 2

Without an understanding of why this works, rather than just the fact that “it does”, you’re really only able to grope your way along in a random fashion. And, let’s be honest here: which of us hasn’t had prolonged periods in our lives where we felt frustrated by the seeming randomness and unpredictability of how the Universe seems to unfold?

This is why mantras are so important.

Using “positive thinking”, or trying to attract positive circumstances by force of will, is well-meant, but only slightly effective, and can be very frustrating when things don’t materialize the way you’d like them to.
It’s kind of the equivalent of holding a car key near the ignition – and then getting upset because the car doesn’t start! After all, you have all the ingredients right there, don’t you? The key is there, the car is there, the will to drive is there, and the ability to drive is there. So why is the damn thing not working?

Mantras are a very effective way of enabling us to insert the key correctly and start the engine.


Because of popular misunderstanding, religious propaganda, or ridicule of things that they don’t understand, many people think that mantra chanting or mantra meditation is something that is only practiced by hippies – or is a form of religion practiced by deluded crackpots – and so they ignore one of the most powerful and beneficial transformative tools available to humanity.

And, as power tools go, chanting a mantra is ridiculously easy to do. The practice of mantra chanting on a daily basis takes about the same time as drinking a slow cup of coffee – and let’s face it, this is achievable for pretty much anyone. Just like meditation, Mantra chanting has been shown to enhance physical health, normalize blood pressure, radically eliminate stress, and speed up healing. It’s also been shown to enhance mental health, by creating self-confidence, eliminating anxiety, and instilling purposeful and powerful patterns of living.

But – above and beyond all of that – it changes circumstances. In every way. Physical circumstances, emotional circumstances, relational circumstances, and business circumstances. It opens doorways to new opportunities, causes you to start seeing opportunities that others actually can’t, and draws resources into your life that completely change the way you live and view life.

Mantra meditation is not only something you “practice”. It gives you a radical re-envisioning of yourself, your life, and your ability to to create the future you desire. Its principles are based on the classical model of how the universe operates, and our place and purpose in it. The universe is composed of energy, and the most important thing we can do in order to manifest the kind of life we want is to tap into that energy, specifically in this case through the power of sound.

Mantra meditation, for a start, will deepen your connection with your essential primordial self – your divine self, the superconscious. And when you enter into the deeper levels of internal silence, the unseen vastness of life and the universe around you is revealed in a completely new and unexpected way. There’s a sense of inexpressible peace, and everything begins to change – quite literally – before your very eyes.

Most schools of thought recommend that you repeat a mantra one hundred and eight times (a very significant number!) at least once every day, for a period of at least forty days. Yup, this requires the formation of a very easy habit, and a bit of self-discipline. Is it worth it? Try it, and you’ll never look back.

One more thing: mantra chanting is not just for your benefit alone – it changes your environment for the better, and by extension, begins to transform the world by bringing things into harmony. In case I need to point this out, this is a good thing.

Mantras attune our minds, bodies and spirits to the invisible energies that exist in the universe. On a purely biological level, our breathing deepens and our ability to concentrate increases (in addition to some other amazing health benefits!). And, as your mind becomes clearer, new kinds of perceptual information appears to you as your outer awareness expands. Inner awareness also grows and you begin to see, hear, and understand things in new ways – you start to see the true nature of the Universe around you!


The word “Mantra” is derived from two Sanskrit words:
Manas”, meaning “mind”
Trai”, meaning to “protect” or “free from”

Why is this a big deal? Well, for a start, Sanskrit is the oldest human language. It has often been described as the “perfect language” because of its metaphysical interface with the human physiology. It is our source code on a linguistic level. This is kind of the equivalent of using the right code for an operating system – a watered down code will only produce random results and lots of errors (or not work at all), whereas the original code produces exactly what the programmer intends.

Many mantras in Sanskrit are profoundly powerful for this reason, and also because mantras use “seed sounds” which correspond to various creative energies in the universe. The seed sounds are words which have been “distilled” – reduced to their purest and most powerful root intonations or syllables. This is the equivalent of sharpening a knife to enable cleaner and easier cutting, or tuning a radio in to an exact frequency.

Repeating any sound produces an actual physical vibration, and with repetition, the power of the mantra overcomes the lesser, random vibrations prevalent in the mind and body.
There are some clues as to when this begins to happen: the first indication of this is a manifestation of some kind of vision or form to indicate that the lesser vibrations are being stilled and calmed. (I’m not going to elaborate on this – but if you start chanting Mantras, you’ll know precisely what it is when it happens to you!). The second manifestation is a realisation that is virtually impossible to verbalise, a deeper way of the working of the mind. It’s intuitive to a degree, yet deeper than that. This is the beginning of true knowledge, which is quite different to knowledge or “information” gleaned from books. This state of mind is different from normal human experience and evades ordinary description (even for an author!).

To use a mantra properly, you need to invoke the intention of its use. In other words, if the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration contains a mental (and emotional) component that influences the result.
This could also be defined somewhat weakly as “visualisation”, combined with powerful emotion associated with the intent of the mantra.


Because the universe is composed of energy, and all energy is shared as part of the universal sum total, then everything in the universe can be accessed by going within yourself. Do you believe that? I hope so. Because if you don’t, you’re going to take a little longer to develop really serious personal power.

The energy system of the human body is the vehicle for accessing this, particularly the six principal energy vortices (called “chakras” in classical Eastern understanding) which are situated along the spine in the subtle body (the energy body). The seventh is at the top of the head.

Each chakra has an individual number of spokes (sometimes described as petals). If the number of the spokes of the six wheels are added together, they total fifty. These fifty spokes contain the vibrations of the building blocks of the entire universe- the Matrika, or map of the sounds of creation, according to ancient Sanskrit.

“Matrika” is of course the Sanskrit root word for the English word “matrix”, which means underlying structure or underlying pattern.

The Matrika is around us and within us all the time. In the same way that radio waves are everywhere, so is the Matrika. And the instrument for receiving and transmitting this subtle energy and tuning in to it, is your subtle body, or energy body.

On another level, the universal intelligence is referred to in Sanskrit as the “Shakti”. Just to be clear, here: you’re not separate from it. You are part of it, and simultaneously all of it, if you can grasp that.
The Shakti is the primordial power behind creation, which is never depleted or exhausted – because it continuously and cyclically creates everything and brings it to an end. So, if the Matrika is the stone and mortar of creation, figuratively speaking, then the Shakti is the guiding skill and intelligence of the builder who puts it all together.

And we – every one of us, every being, here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe – are all an intrinsic, inseparable part of both processes.

In classical understanding, the Universe is expressed in terms of polarity – masculine/feminine, positive/negative etc. And, of course, you can see this in virtually every culture throughout history: the concept of Yin and Yang, the embodiment of these principles in God and Goddess duality in Western antiquity, and even in the way that everything is balanced on a physical level. (It has only been in the last two millennia or so that aggressively patriarchal religions have distorted this blatantly obvious truth in order to manipulate people into accepting their rather questionable agendas.)

The Shakti is also not just something that is out “there” – it is within you, in a very specific way. The power cell at the base of your spine is feminine in nature, and is called the Kundalini Shakti. It powers everything you do, including thoughts, actions, and the physical activity of your body, whether you’re awake or asleep. The Shakti is an extension of the universal creative force; it’s a gateway and a conduit.

Most importantly, its essential function is to continually create. And, with the correct knowledge, you can affect that which is created.

Access to the Matrika, in the form of the Sanskrit alphabet, appears to be hardwired into us genetically, on both a physical and psychological level. Sanskrit is “Samskrta” which means “refined speech”. It is translated as “put together, constructed well, or completely formed; composed, arranged, prepared; made ready, completed, finished; preparation, prepared place”. So, although you can transform things metaphysically in hundreds of different ways (including, of course, by the practice of natural magic in the pagan sense, or by the more scientific application of emotional intent while experiencing altered states of mind,  or by using physical conductors, or by harnessing the power of group intent, and so on), Mantras are a really good place to start – and continue – learning how to develop transformative power.

There are other ways of accessing the Matrika as well, through specific movements or postures which attune the chakras, and through breathing.
When you chant the ancient mantras, the sounds cause certain petals of your chakras to vibrate in specific ways. And as the petals vibrate, they pull in tiny amounts of the ambient energy for use in aligning you with your goals and causing a force of attraction to manifest.


Mantras are specifically designed to bring about humankind’s three deepest desires:
• The desire for wealth
• The desire for knowledge
• The desire for self-fulfilment

Wealth refers to abundant and limitless money, possessions, robust physical health, societal well-being, and freedom from pain and deprivation.

Knowledge refers not only to intellectual knowledge, but intuitive knowledge: knowledge of the workings of the universe, knowledge of others, and knowledge of self. Humankind is motivated by curiosity.

Self – fulfilment refers to the process and achievement of self-actualisation. This means the attainment of your deepest sense of purpose, full self-expression without guilt or ego, and the attainment of deepest contentment and inner peace.

Mantras can be used practically for many distinct purposes:

• To create circumstances, or to change existing ones.
• To attract people who benefit you and shield against those who harm you.
• To change your own thoughts, actions and habits.
• To change the thoughts, actions and habits of others.
• To magnetize yourself to attract that which you desire.
• To remove obstacles and clear areas of negativity.
• To enable you to see things beyond normal perception.
• To remove and dissolve consequence (“karma”) of past actions.
• To attain peace, tranquility of mind, and freedom from turmoil.

… and many more.
Mantras should best be practiced just after waking in the morning, or before bed at night, or both. They should be intoned in a rhythmic cadence, not just spoken, but “sung” with a rise and fall of syllables according to the type of mantra. They should ideally be accompanied by a visualisation of a desired outcome, and an emotion of reassurance and gratitude as if the outcome is already manifesting.

The mind (as you probably know!) easily becomes distracted, but by gently steering it back to the purpose at hand, it becomes settled and enjoys the process of becoming immersed in the mantra. A mantra is like a relaxing warm bath for the mind, and the goal is to soak yourself in it without worrying about other issues. They can be forgotten for the next four or five minutes while you are changing the universe around you.


Like any positive pursuit, mantras require consistency and diligence. Results are sometimes instantaneous, but sometimes take weeks or even months to manifest. The key is to keep on doing them, because they are guaranteed to work – the process of cause and effect is set in motion, and with every repetition, the vibrations you create are growing stronger.

But, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of choice. Knowing about mantras, or thinking about them, doesn’t produce results. Doing them produces results.


The practice of reciting Sanskrit Mantras is a mainstay of the Hindu religion. I’m not a Hindu, but that hasn’t stopped me from experiencing the power contained in these seed sounds, and seeing amazing changes in my own life as a result of Mantras.

For someone born into the Hindu tradition, the seed sounds used in Mantras, and a lot of the terminology, is linked to the invocation of various deities within the religion. The same applies to some degree to those who are Buddhist, although Buddhism is of course not a ‘religion’ in the commonly understood sense, but a philosophy interlinked with the harmonics of a greater whole. I’m of the opinion (with great respect and humility) that the natural forces set in motion by Mantras are triggered by symbolic association and intent, and that the deification of these symbols is just one human expression of a vastly more complex and intelligent Universe, a higher mind that we are all intertwined with, regardless of religion.

Does it really matter? No. What really matters is not doctrine, dogma, theory, or even potential prejudice… but rather, simple truth that can be experienced firsthand on a level that transcends the limited paradigm of the physical plane.

I guess what I’m saying here is this: the simplest way to understand the actual taste of a meal is to eat it.


There are hundreds of really good books and articles on Sanskrit Mantras, and you’ll have no trouble finding some really good information if you do even a cursory search.

However, perhaps a little foretaste would be good – so, put on your headphones, shut the door on distractions, and spend ten or twenty minutes taking a listen to a couple of really beautiful examples.


This Mantra – Ek Ong Kar – is particularly simple to recite or sing, and is really powerful. You don’t have to take my word for it: simply give it a listen. You will actually feel a lightening of your mind, and a sense of deep reassurance as you do. If you like it, and you have issues in your life (whether they’re physical, emotional, financial or environmental) that are causing stress, then consider doing this Mantra at least once a day for thirty days. Very often, it won’t take nearly that long for some very astounding things to start happening. Very positive things, I might add.

Be still, don’t rush, put everything else on hold, and immerse yourself. Be calm. Breathe.

Check it out:



This Mantra – Om Shanti – is one that will almost immediately start to dissolve stress or anxiety. Shanti mean “peace” in Sanskrit, and if you simply close your eyes, allow the sound to permeate your being, and breathe deeply, you’ll be astounded at what transpires.

Om” (or “Aum“) is the primary seed sound for almost all Mantras, and is considered to be the original sound of creation: the harmonic that birthed all life and intelligence, the source code for everything that is. It’s often equated, interestingly enough, to an expression of Binary code – the “O” being a “zero” or open sound, and the “M” being the “one” or closed sound, its counterpart. Birth and death. Light and dark. Male and female. Perfect balance, perfect harmony, perfect cycles of existence, perfect infinity.

Put on the headphones, banish the distractions, calm your thoughts, breathe deeply as you sit comfortably, and prepare to be enveloped in peace.



There. Doesn’t that feel better already?

It’s a big Universe out there. Go and explore.






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