My first love is – and always has been – creative storytelling: there are so many worlds to explore, and an awestruck explorer loves to share the journey with everyone.

Increasingly, though, I’ve been asked to produce work related to my other persona as well, and I’m currently working on a number of books and projects that are centered  around life skills training, the incredible effectiveness of the children’s training courses that we run, and the role of the mind in the martial arts and broader life.

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My first nonfiction offering, THE BULLY SOLUTION, is available right now.

It’s a vastly evolved rework of a series that I originally wrote based on the powerful children’s training program that we’ve been teaching for more than a decade, and the results of that program have been nothing short of breathtaking.

At the heart of this book is a 5-session program designed to provide every parent with a simple, practical and powerful step-by-step bullyproofing guide that has been designed to protect your child – and set the stage for spectacular success into the future.

Endorsed by a leading psychologist, written with the input of occupational therapists, educators and life skills trainers – and underscored by my own experience of almost two decades in the field – this is a book which I believe is an invaluable resource for any parent.

(Self-promotion? Perhaps – but it happens to be true.)


To find out more, and to get your copy delivered instantly if you’d like to buy the book, simply click on the banner below.

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